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We need a minimum of 6 homes to house all of our groups. Host Homes will need to have enough space for 6-10 students to sleep on the floor or in beds for 2 nights. If you are interested in being a host home for your students small group please let Joe Yarbrough (270-709-5900 or Heather Rudy(270-554-1441 know ASAP.


Our theme this year is “ONE.”

 Have you ever thought about how one moment can define history? Or how one decision can change a life? We know that it only takes one person to start a movement. There is power in one. And the power of one resounds through Scripture, and by studying ONE, your students will travel through the Word to discover a powerful message that God has for them: There is ONE God. ONE way to Him. ONE family united under His banner. And ONE mission we’ve been entrusted with. The study we’re going to be working through is called ONE and it’s an awesome look at the essential truths of our faith.

Every student who attends will receive an Amplify Hoodie. When you sign up online make sure you put down your correct size. All sizes are “adult.” The cost of the hoodie is included in your $50 for the total cost of the weekend.




Friday, November 10

6:00PM Check in

6:30PM Dinner

7:00PM Worship

8:00PM Small Groups

8:30PM Host Homes

Saturday, November 11

9:00AM Christmas Card  Project @LOFBC

10AM Depart for JCREEK

11AM Laser Tag/Small Groups

12PM Laser Tag/Small Groups

1PM Lunch

2PM Game Time/Worship

3PM Hangtime

4PM Depart to LOFBC

5PM Dinner

6PM Worship

7PM Small Groups

8PM Skate Party

9PM Host Homes

Sunday, November 12

8:30AM Breakfast in Youth       Lounge

9AM Small Groups

9:45AM Worship Service

11AM Parent Pickup in the MPR