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See what’s going on at Resonate – This is My story

story of my life

We all have a story. The story of how God created us out of His love for us and wants to be in a relationship with us. As Christians our story includes our realization of our need for a Savior and the moment we put our faith in Jesus Christ to save us. We are called to share this story as a testimony to God’s grace in our life.

Over the last 6 weeks we have been telling that story.  Our students and our leaders have been sharing how God rescued them and how He continues to walk with them daily. It’s been an amazing series, one that I have really enjoyed and will miss when it’s over.  It has been awesome to see students stand up in front of their peers and tell how Jesus has changed their life. Just as amazing has been the adults, who each have amazing stories of how God has moved in their lives as well.  It’s has been a great opportunity for our students to learn things about their leaders that they have never known.

Last night we had another example of a student sharing his story of how Christ came into his life and changed him.  One of the beautiful things that has happened is that it has let students see that they are not so different from everyone else.  It also has created an opportunity for students to feel safe sharing how they really feel, even when those feelings are not popular. When we first started this series, getting students to volunteer to share, was difficult. Now, we have more students willing to share than we have weeks left in the series.  This is a great problem to have!

On the lighter side of this series, we’ve been pranking students, saying that we are going to tell the story that they don’t want told. We’ve had two hosts that have been leading us through all of these games. We’ve done this a few different ways.  We’ve crashed their cribs in a bit we call Crib Crashers. With parents permission, we go into their room with a video camera, snoop around, pull out some stuff that they might not want their entire youth group knowing about, and show it to everyone.  We’ve put their tweets on blast, meaning we’ve pulled some of their tweets and read them on stage.  Some were more embarrassing than others.

Last night we did a bit called “Facetime with Your Mom.”  In this bit we actually Facetime “live” with one of the students moms.  The students don’t know who it is until their mom’s face appears on the screen.  It’s all been pretty hilarious. Along with this we’ve had parents send in pictures of their students rooms and baby pictures.  It’s been great because we all know that teenagers favorite subject is themselves.

As this series is approaching it’s end, we have two great weeks planned before we go to Dnow.  Next week, Mr. Ceglinski the principle at McCracken Co. High school will be here to share his story. Along with this we will celebrate with one of our students as they are being baptized. Our final week, Bro. Dan will be sharing his testimony. It will be a great way to close out this incredible series that God has used in such a great way.

Please continue to pray for the work that is taking place in the youth ministry of Lone Oak FBC.

To God be the Glory!