• Linens
  • towels
  • pillows
  • blankets
  • Water bottle you can refill and carry with you
  • Closed-toe, closed-heel shoes (for outdoor activities)
  • Bible, notepad, and pen
  • Toiletries such as toothbrush and shampoo
  • Sun protection
  • Spending money for 4 meals (2 lunch, 2 dinners) snacks, camp store, and missions offering (optional)
  • Summer clothing (See dress code)
  • Theme night clothing (See Night Life)


  • Alcohol
  • tobacco
  • illegal drugs
  • fireworks
  • water guns, or any kind of weapon
  • We recommend no playstation portables or other gaming devices
  • roller blades or skateboards
  • Items that may be used for pranks such as water balloons, shaving cream, silly string, etc.


Cell Phones

  • Unless instructed by staff, students with cell phones are not allowed to have them out or in use during programming elements: Morning Celebration, Bible Study, Worship, Night Life, Recreation and Track Times/Ministry Tracks. Ringers should be turned to silent or vibrate.


  • Wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes to recreation and ministry sites.
  • Wear your name tag at all times.


  • Be in your room by 11:00 PM with lights out no later than 11:30 PM, except on the last evening of camp when curfew is 11:30 PM.
  • No guys in girls’ rooms and no girls in guys’ rooms.
  • No public displays of affection.


  • No gum, food, or drinks allowed in the worship center.
  • Sleeveless tops are allowed but no tank tops during worship.

Dress Code

  • Wear clothes that are clean, neat and modest.
  • Shorts – You must be able to touch fabric on shorts either in the front or the side when you hold your arms straight down.
  • Sleeveless shirts are now allowed during day-time activities.
  • Shirts with spaghetti straps or excessive armpit cutouts (exposing torso and undergarments) are not allowed.
  • Only wear one piece bathing suits when in the pool.
  • Wear modest shorts, pants, jeans, or dresses for worship.
  • Dresses with spaghetti or small straps, open backs, and excessively short lengths are unacceptable (when hands are extended to the back or front, finger tips must touch fabric).
  • Sleeveless tops are allowed but no tank tops during worship.
  • Wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes to recreation and ministry sites.
  • Wear your name tag at all times.


Opening Day

1:00 – 4:00 PM   Registration

5:00 PM  Dinner

6:30  Opening Celebration

7:30 PM Bible Study

8:30 PM Church Group Rally

8:45 PM Church Group Devotion

10:00 PM Hang Time

11:00 PM In Rooms

11:30 PM Lights Out

Full Days of Camp

7:00 AM Breakfast

8:15 AM Morning Celebration

9:00 AM Recreation

10:30 AM Quiet Time/Bible Study

12:00 PM Lunch

1:10 PM Track Rally

1:20 PM Track A

2:20 PM Track Rally

2:30 PM Track B

3:20 PM Hang Time

5:00 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Worship

8:00 PM Church Group Time

9:45 PM Night Life

10:15 PM Hang Time

11:00 PM In Rooms (Note: This will be 11:30 PM on the last night of camp)

11:30 PM Lights Out

Closing Day

7:00 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM Quiet Time/Bible Study

9:45 AM Closing Celebration

10:45 AM Churches Depart


As we venture further into what it means to be “Unashamed,” the students, for both

Night life 1 and 2, will begin their journey in the auditorium where they will be challenged

and commissioned to follow the instructions for the evening through interactive video. From

there, they will be split into church groups and led by a FUGE staff member to the “Arena”, a

triangular structure in the middle of an auxiliary field on campus.

Night Life 1: Unashamed: Glow

Continuing the “glow-in-the-dark” and “neon” expressions from last year, the students,

adorned in glow-sticks and party gear, will venture to the arena to find 6 game stations

including glow-in-the-dark:

– Water sponge fight

– Giant Jenga

– Paint Wall

– Silly String War

– Shaving Cream war

– Cornhole Tourney

– Students and adults may dress in glow-in-the-dark attire during this night life.

Night Life 2: Unashamed: Shine

An immersive worship experience, students will journey to the “Arena” again to find the space

has changed. Four new stations challenge students to think and process every section of the

bible study while creating art themselves to express what they are learning

– Scripture Wall

– Growth Wall

– Chalkboard Wall

– Light Wall

Night life 3: MEGA RELAY

Get your game faces on and come ready to compete for the FUGE Cup

– This may take place in the afternoon at some locations.


Physical and Mailing Address:

Shalimar Retreat Center Attn: Centrifuge (please write church and camper name on all mail)

203 Shalimar Street

Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Shalimar Office Number: 850.236.0197

 Shalimar Website: www.shalimarretreat.com

FUGE Camp Cell Phone: 615.429.3656 FUGE

Camp Email Address: panamacityfuge@gmail.com


We will be leaving from the D Building of Lone Oak FBC at 2:00PM. Sunday June 5th. Please eat lunch before coming. Girls and Guys will be in separate buses. Please try to minimize your luggage to 1 suitcase and 1 small bag (space will be limited on the buses.)

Students will be responsible for 4 meals on their own: Dinner on Sunday night, Lunch on Monday, Lunch and Dinner on Friday.

On Sunday night we will be staying at Embassy Suites Hotel Montgomery-Conference Center in Montgomery, AL.

While at camp it is important that students drink plenty of water and use sun screen. This will be reinforced by our chaperones and the camp staffers.

We will be returning to the D Building of Lone Oak FBC at approximately 10:30PM, Friday June 10th.

We will be texting ETA’s via our Remind App.

To sign up, text @msparent1 to  270-505-4294.


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