DNOW 2021

DNOW 2021

DNOW is back at Jonathan Creek!  

This year’s Theme is “Truly Free.” 

Click here to sign up now! https://dnow-2021-loneoakfbc.pushpayevents.com/booking/attendees/new

Who: Middle School and High School Students
Event Dates: March 12, 2021- March 14, 2021
Departure from the church: Friday at 6:00 PM
Arrival back to the church: Sunday 12:00 PM

What about COVID? In previous years we have welcomed other churches to join us for our DNOW, due to COVID we will be the only church on campus at JCREEK so that we can ensure social distancing. Lodging will be limited to 50% capacity, which means that every student will have their own bunk bed. We will also be meeting in the Chapel instead of the Worship Center so that we can space chairs out. All of our rec games will be outside which will further help with following safety procedures. In addition to all of this we will have students wear masks when social distancing may be limited.

We are excited to welcome back Nicolas Ian Carter to be our Worship leader for DNOW 2021! Check out his new single here:

Our guest speaker this year will be Shaq Hardy who is the Student Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN.

Watch Shaq share his testimony here:

As everything is different in these times, we have some exciting news for parents of multiple MS and HS students.

Due to Covid-19, this year’s pricing is lower than usual as Jonathan Creek has been working with us due to the pandemic.  In addition to this year’s special pricing, we do have multi-sibling discounts available.  These discounts are for siblings living in the same household only, and does not include friends or other relatives outside of your household.  We also have limited scholarships available. Please contact Holly Visser at 270-554-1441 or hvisser@loneoakfbc.org for details and discount codes.  

We want to ensure these Gospel Centered events are available and affordable for all students affiliated with Lone Oak FBC.  This is just another way we strive to ensure everyone is included in our mission to Exalt Christ, Make Disciples, and Pass the Torch!

Click here to sign up now! https://dnow-2021-loneoakfbc.pushpayevents.com/booking/attendees/new

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