We talked about SEX.

Tonight the High School student ministry talked about sex, lust, and dating. Below you will find the 4 main points of our discussion. Please use these main points to start or continue discussion about these important topics with your teenager.

So what does the Bible say about sex?

  1. God created it
  2. God designed it to be in the context of biblical marriage.

Main Point 1: God created sex to be experienced inside the context of a biblical marriage.

Main Point 2: Lust is a perversion of love and is our human attempt to get what God designed and desires to give us through a relationship with Him and in marriage.  Therefore it is sin.

Main Point 3: Dating is the mechanism used for determining who we should marry. Only those who know the Gospel, are pursuing the Gospel, have adult Christian accountability within a relationship, and are dating with that end in mind should date. That excludes most high school students.

Main Point 4: Girls should guard their hearts, so should guys. Guys should guard their minds, so should girls.

Choices – parents please read

Dear Parents,

You are invited and ENCOURAGED to join us for Resonate the next few Wednesday night’s!

6pm – 7:30pm
Youth Worship Room

Over the next 5 weeks we are going to walk through some pretty sensitive and difficult topics; the least of these this Wednesday night.  Here are our topics for the rest of the series:

  • April 17 – Culture
  • April 24 – Vices (alcohol, marijuana, drugs)
  • May 1 – Sex, Lust, Dating
  • May 8 – Homosexuality
  • May 15 – Pornography (Guest Speaker from Hope Unlimited)

I wanted to let you know this in advance because I wanted to give you the option for your teen to “opt out” or “opt in” to these discussions.  I hope you will “opt in.” There is no one who is immune from these issues and no one that hasn’t been impacted by them in some way. 

To say these topics are difficult is an understatement. To say they are important is also an understatement.  Our teens are being bombarded daily by culture on what to believe, how to feel, and what’s acceptable as it relates to these topics.  And parents it’s your job, not cultures, to help shape and direct your teenagers beliefs on these and many other important topics. Sound like a tough job? It is. But we want to help.

Your involvement over the next few weeks will help communicate to your students that you care what they think about these important topics. Encouraging your teens to come, or even forcing them, will also help communicate that you care what the Bible has to say about these topics. And that matters, because believe it or not, you are still the greatest influence in your teenager’s life when it comes to their beliefs on sexuality.

Let me say that again, what you believe and encourage is the #1 influencer in your teenager’s life about what they believe and actually do.

Navigating these issues is a tough job.  We want to give you a place to start a conversation. Each week I will also provide some follow-up discussion questions so you will know what was said and a few questions to ask. You can get those from this website.

We hope you will take this opportunity to continue or start these important conversations with your students. 

God Bless,

Patrick Greer