We talked about SEX.

Tonight the High School student ministry talked about sex, lust, and dating. Below you will find the 4 main points of our discussion. Please use these main points to start or continue discussion about these important topics with your teenager.

So what does the Bible say about sex?

  1. God created it
  2. God designed it to be in the context of biblical marriage.

Main Point 1: God created sex to be experienced inside the context of a biblical marriage.

Main Point 2: Lust is a perversion of love and is our human attempt to get what God designed and desires to give us through a relationship with Him and in marriage.  Therefore it is sin.

Main Point 3: Dating is the mechanism used for determining who we should marry. Only those who know the Gospel, are pursuing the Gospel, have adult Christian accountability within a relationship, and are dating with that end in mind should date. That excludes most high school students.

Main Point 4: Girls should guard their hearts, so should guys. Guys should guard their minds, so should girls.